Social Media PR

With the increasing popularity of social media, social media PR is now an integral part of building and maintaining a favorable public image.

Traditional PR however is still relevant but a heavily fragmented media landscape, creates the challenge to bridge the gap between traditional and social PR. Getting a client into print, on TV or radio has its place in PR, but more often than ever before, the need to integrate the overall campaign into social media strategy and social business strategy is paramount. In 2012, very rarely does an Integrated marketing campaign work without a carefully constructed social media element that is strategically tied to a traditional PR offering.

FRANk makes the most out of your PR campaigns by integrating social media and traditional media channels for optimum exposure and reach. We know from experience that it is no longer possible for your message to be simply pushed out into the world. You need to allow for a two way communication and plan for long term engagement. Social media has a growing voice and we are listening.

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