Media Planning and Buying – 2015

Traditional media (TV, radio, print, banners, out-of-home, cinema…) attracts approximately $12 Billion investment each year.

Over the years this investment process has become highly commoditised and very often siloed from the reality of commercial thinking and results in the quest for just cheap media.

FRANk challenges conventional thinking and begins with the desired business objectives in mind. Curiousity about new solutions underpins our fundamental approach as independent thinkers leaving no stone unturned.

From here we begin our approach towards commercially focussed solutions

Our Media Planning approach

  • The customer (B2C or B2B) should be at the core of everything: At the end of the day it’s all about ensuring you’re engaging in the right conversations with target audiences in the right environments at the right moments.
  • Integration: at every turn we aim to understand and exploit synergies between the paid for media media,  owned assests (such as your brand, products, website) and earned (word of mouth & reputation) to maximise campaign investment.


 Our Media Buying approach:

  • Strategy-led – not agency-led negotiations: agency deals are an important starting point however they should not dictate client negotiation strategies. Tailored client negotiations yield best results.
  • Cost and Quality focus: the cheapest deals are not always the best deals. Audience delivery, placement and environmental considerations are equally important.
  • Balance long term and short term trading: Enjoy volume discounts through committing a percentage of budget long term whilst exploiting short term opportunities.
  • Work in close partnership with key media: Unearth unique opportunities by working closely with resources beyond the sales team. Understand key points of trading vulnerability.

 Implementation & Measurement – what’s involved:

  • Provision of comprehensive media landscape and competitive expenditure analysis.
  • Access to & interpretation of industry research, as required, including Nielsen, Morgan etc.
  • Segment quantification and targeting.
  • Ongoing tracking and optimisation of campaign ROI:  Analysis of expenditure, awareness, UB data, sales and advertising effectiveness.
  • Optimisation of investment weights, flighting, rate planning and data analysis utilising a range of tools as appropriate.
  • Generating maximum return on any communications investment (online or offline) by leveraging value, savings and bonus activity.


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