Social Media And Your Emotions

Your emotions may determine how you use social media… 

Social Media

You may remember in late June this year when Facebook came under scrutiny for a large study where it manipulated information posted on 689,000 user’s news feed and found…

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Is There Room For More Social Media Networks?

Can new social media networks survive?

You don’t need to be a social media marketer to know that there are MANY social media networks available these days. Many of these networks do similar things, posting updates, sharing videos/photos, however others…

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5 Reasons You Should Use Video Marketing

Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

Over the past few months, as a young marketer and social media addict, I’ve noticed that my news feed continues to be dominated by videos. Whether it’s videos promoting brands, first world problems,…

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Facebook Updates News Feed

FRANk Updates Logo2

Facebook Alters News Feed Ranking 

Facebook have recently announced an update to their News Feed ranking, which aims to show you more timely content. They have acknowledged that there are some instances where a post from a friend…

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3 Things Worth Noting In Social Media This Week

This week in the wonderful world of social media…

Here are the latest noteworthy changes in social media this week which we felt you should know about:

  1. New Benchmarking reports for Google Analytics
  2. Facebook adds view counts for videos
  3. SlideShare…

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6 Content Ideas For Newcomers To Facebook

6 Content Ideas For Newcomers To Facebook

Life can be tough in the beginning for businesses joining Facebook. What should you post about? Should you advertise? How can you get more likes? While advertising is a good idea in the…

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Two major updates for Facebook Newsfeed

Two more changes for Facebook’s Newsfeed this week:

This week saw (even more!) major changes to Facebook’s News Feed and what they will give prominence to.

While this will result in a better experience for users, brands will have…

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