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Brian Solis – Australian Digital Summit 2014

Yesterday I watched Brian Solis, courtesy of Telstra’s live streaming, at the Australian Digital Summit 2014.

For anyone new to Brian, he is a guiding light through the opportunity and turmoil of change…

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5 Reasons You Should Use Video Marketing

Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

Over the past few months, as a young marketer and social media addict, I’ve noticed that my news feed continues to be dominated by videos. Whether it’s videos promoting brands, first world problems,…

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3 Things Worth Noting In Social Media This Week

This week in the wonderful world of social media…

Here are the latest noteworthy changes in social media this week which we felt you should know about:

  1. New Benchmarking reports for Google Analytics
  2. Facebook adds view counts for videos
  3. SlideShare…

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OMG iBeacon- the future of retail?

iBeacon is said to revolutionise retail and the whole customer shopping experience, but what exactly is it?

What is an iBeacon? 

iBeacon is a mobile feature like a GPS for indoor locations. With iBeacon, you are able to know…

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