Martyn Thomas

Managing Director at FRANk. I believe the next 5 years will see quicker change in communications than the last ten…and the last ten has been a rodeo ride. This is what drives my passion; tackling and managing change to the benefit of our clients. I love this business.The industry is in step-change as brands have to become socially ept…helping our clients establish their social business strategies is both challenging and rewarding.

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The theory of social media is that it allows brands to leapfrog traditional media and forge relationships directly with customers using branded content. If you tell them great stories and connect with them in real time then your brand will…

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Trust in Advertising

I noticed an eDM, yesterday, from THINK TV  the marketing initiative of Free TV Australia, representing Australia’s free-to-air metropolitan and regional commercial television broadcasters.

The thrust of it is that “more than six out of ten online Australians would…

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Capitalising on Opinions

Let’s go back, just a few years.

Social platforms, in theory, enabled brands to have discourse with their customers/fans/advocates. The thing is that 90%+ of brands found themselves to be socially inept as they hijacked this new opportunity by simply…

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Storydoing vs Storytelling

Do you ever get that nagging feeling, during your day, about the growing inefficiency of advertising for brands?

Mounting evidence comes, in part, from the explosion of brands in the world. In 1997 based upon the number of trademarks in…

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Inspired By Brian


Brian Solis – Australian Digital Summit 2014

Yesterday I watched Brian Solis, courtesy of Telstra’s live streaming, at the Australian Digital Summit 2014.

For anyone new to Brian, he is a guiding light through the opportunity and turmoil of change…

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