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Facebook Releases New Study On The Trends Among Fashion Buyers Using Social Media.

A new Facebook study looking at how fashion purchases are influenced by online platforms has been released with some interesting results.

As Facebook explained:

“In a survey of over 6,000 people across six countries, we found more than half of people who use Instagram, and four in ten Facebook users, say they’ve discovered fashion inspiration on the platform in the last three months. And with three out of five people surveyed admitting to having been tempted to buy a fashion item they didn’t intend to buy, the opportunity to influence and advise potential fashion buyers on Instagram and Facebook is huge.”

The study is part of a wider research project being undertaken by Facebook, about the impact it is having in the fashion and retail space.

The study found that Instagram is the number one platform for fashion product discovery, with Pinterest following in a close second. This makes sense given the visual nature of the platforms. Interestingly however magazines rated relatively low.


In what is no surprise, Facebook also noted that social media channels are more likely to provide fashion and retail inspiration for people aged 18-34.

“This group is 1.57x more likely to say they have discovered fashion inspiration on Facebook and 1.81x more likely to say they have discovered fashion inspiration on Instagram, when compared to older age groups (35-64 year old).”

When it comes to how gender impacts on where users find inspiration, men surveyed said the number one source of inspiration is their friends, whereas women said it is brands that exist on the platforms. Women are 1.64x more likely to turn to influencers and celebrities for inspiration in comparison to men and people aged 18-34 are 2.96x more likely to turn to celebrities and influencers than older demographics.

This study once again shines a light on the importance of influencer marketing when it comes to purchase behaviours. Young, female users in particular are the ones who look to influencers for recommendations, whereas men turn to people they know.

The study found that recommendations from friends and family are sill the key source of persuasion.

“54% of people surveyed say they get fashion advice in person from friends and family and 49% in person, in-store. Social media is used by a quarter of people to get fashion advice, and messaging apps by one in ten.”


As far as what users would like to see in the digital retail realm?

fb_fashion_3 (1)

Many of these findings will not come as a huge surprise to businesses however it further cements who you are reaching through your social media and marketing and how you can best reach them.

Source: Social Media Today

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