Nutella Campaign Uses Facial Recognition Technology to Serve Shoppers Ads

In Nutella’s latest out of home campaign consumers will be served ads based on their facial expressions as they walk past.

Developed by Ooh! Media and PHD, the campaign uses facial mapping technology to determine whether the consumer is happy, inspired or grumpy. When not directly engaged with, the panel will change its content depending on the number of shoppers walking by. For example a couple walking past may be served with a message like ‘look at this dynamic duo!’


Blair Hamilford Ooh! Media’s group director for retail said facial recognition technology is allowing brands to engage with consumers in ways unlike ever before.

“Since its launch over 2 years ago the Excite network has engaged with over half a million people and we continue to find new ways in how to use technology, data and content to drive deeper engagement between brands and audiences,” Hamilford said.

“Using the Kinect camera that is in all Excite panels we were able to not only analyse the facial expression of a person looking at the retail sign, but determine how many users are walking by to serve-up contextually relevant creative.”

“Given the Excite panels will display the Nutella campaign exclusively, the creative on screen can change to focus on a single person, or groups of two or three, to catch their attention and encourage them to interact with the ad.”

Melissa Haggerty, business director at PHD, added: “Since Nutella is all about mornings we wanted to capture adult shoppers morning moods in a bespoke way that gets them thinking about Nutella. oOh!’s concept that incorporated the Kinect technology allowed for that more tailored approach.”

The campaign ran from the 20th to 28th of September. Running on 25 screens in Australia and 15 in New Zealand.


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