Facebook Collections

Facebook’s new Shopping Mobile Format ‘Collection’

Facebook have quickly recognised the growth of mobile commerce and video, as a recent report highlighted that ¾ consumers purchase decisions are influenced by videos on social media.

Well, cue Facebook’s new ad format ‘Collections’ which combines a video, slideshow or image with product images taken from a product catalog on mobile.


Image sourced from https://www.facebook.com/business

Collections is similar to Canvas, in that a collection is created specifically for mobile and users stay within the Facebook app. This new ad format not only increases the likelihood of discovering a new product, but it also increases purchases by featuring a primary video or image above relevant product images.

Once the ad is served in the Facebook News Feed it leads with a video or image, followed by four product images below. If someone taps on the ad, it opens up a broader catalog of up to 50 different products. Then if they tap on a specific product, they’ll go to the advertiser’s website or app to make the purchase.

Facebook is doing a majority of the heavy lifting with Collections, as advertisers can choose the initial four products and then the rest will be optimised by Facebook based on the user’s preferences and on the ad targeting selected.

Brands such Tommy Hilfiger have been experimenting with collections to bring its “See Now, Buy Now” fall 2016 launch to life on mobile and saw a 2.2x higher return on ad spend.

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