Snapchat Advertising Updates

Snapchat has fast become a popular social media platform globally. Snapchat states that between 2015 and 2016 it became the most used social media app among US consumers aged 12 to 24 years-old.

Currently in Australia there are 4 million daily active Australian users, is is predominantly made up of millennial and college students as the prime audience. What is important to note however is the significant growth in a slightly older demographic on the platform, as 60% of US users aged between 13-34 are Snapchatters.

Beyond the demographics, what advertisers should really be focusing on is the level of engagement on Snapchat. Snapchat stated that a staggering 2/3 of daily users create content every single day.

Snapchat Ad Formats:

Snap Ads always begin with an up to 10 second vertical, full screen video ad that appears in the context of a Snap story.

Snapchatters have the choice to swipe up and see more, which can send them to the following pages:

  1. Long Form Video
  2. Mobile Web View
  3. App Install Ad.

1. Snapchat Ad into Long Form Video:

A Snap Ad long-form video ad provides the capability to swipe up to view video up to 1 hour in length.

long form vid

2. Snapchat Ad into Mobile Web View

A Snap Ad Web View ad provides the capability to swipe up to view a mobile web page.

The web view is contained within the Snapchat app and is automatically downloaded in the background while the ad plays so that it loads instantly if the user swipes up.

web view

3. Snapchat Ad into App Install

An App Install ad is an expanded version of the standard Snap Ad that provides the capability to swipe up and perform a one-click install without ever leaving the Snapchat app!

app installSnapchat Targeting Options:

1. Snap Audience Match:

anonymously match data from existing lists of email address and mobile device IDs with Snapchat’s pool of consumer data.

2. Lookalike:

Target Snapchat users with similar characterisers to their existing customers

3. Lifestyle Categories:

target ads to users who view certain types of videos, such as sporting or beauty.

4. Device:

OS (iOS & Android)

5. Demographics:

Age, Gender, Language, Geolocation.

Are you thinking of advertising on Snapchat? Here’s 6 quick rules to live by to ensure success on the platform:



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