Facebook and Instagram Hot Topics – December 2016

Wondering what everyone has been talking about on Facebook and Instagram lately? Understanding the Hot Topics is a great way to know your audience better and engage with them on social.

December was a month for relaxation and celebrations, with Australian’s spending their time with friends and family, watching sports and keeping up to date with the latest movie releases.


Women especially engaged with Christmas and New Year celebrations on Facebook and Instagram, as they shared their festive experiences.

Men on the other hand turned to Facebook and Instagram to support their state team in the upcoming Big Bash League. KFC being the major sponsor of the league also managed to receive it’s fair share of conversation, highlighting the importance of effective brand sponsorship’s.


The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, held in Paris on December 5, created excitement among young women on Facebook who watched the Angels take to the runway. Cinema’s where also a popular activity this summer, as people went to see the latest  installment of Star Wars, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

Does this correlate with what you have been engaging with on Facebook and Instagram?

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