Facebook & Instagram Hot Topics – November 2016

Facebook have released their Hot Topics report for November, which looks at the most discussed topics across Facebook and Instagram.

Keeping up to the date with the latest Hot Topics and who is discussing them is a great way for you to engage with your audience and gain a greater understanding of what they are actually interested in.



Several iconic Australian names made a comeback during November. Crowded house returned to stage, which was shared across Instagram by older Aussies. Younger women however eagerly anticipated the release of Gilmore Girls on both Instagram and Facebook.

The festive season is in full swing this month, as Australian’s celebrate with their friends and the wider community. Both Facebook and Instagram have allowed people to share their love to those both near and afar.


Many brands have also made the spotlight during November, like the global favourite John Lewis, as they launch their campaigns on Facebook.

Furthermore people joined together to witness the Super-moon for the first time since 1948. Facebook was used during this time to find out timing and further information on On Facebook, whereas Instagram was used to share the experience through photos and videos.


The US election was a highly engaged topic during November, with men being the most active participants in the conversations on Facebook and Instagram.

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