Facebook Topics To Watch – December 2016

Topics to Watch are conversation topics that have shown to have long-term growth on Facebook, which Facebook predicts will likely to continue to grow.

By keeping track of conversations to watch you can ensure you are engaging with conversations that will grow in popularity, and in turn audience numbers.

This month copy-writing, engraving, sportswear and industrial design have shown growth on Facebook.


Copywriting has definitely changed over the years with the introduction of digital marketing and social advertising, where it is more about key words and terms to capture audiences attention. There has however been an interest in copywriting on Facebook as of late.


Image sourced from http://insights.fb.com


Technology has revolutionized engraving, which was once an  with routers and lasers (even 3D laser printers) that work faster and more precisely, allowing for more creativity. And with several retailers not only providing tools for engraving and wood working but also offering how-to tips and lessons, engraving has become even more accessible.


Image sourced from http://insights.fb.com


Maternity clothing has seen long term growth on Facebook. Does this mean an increase in pregnancies you ask? Well no, not necessarily. We are however seeing woman embracing their pregnant bodies but wearing fashionable form-fitting clothes and retailers have taken notice.

Furthermore, active-wear has well and truly entered the mainstream as it is now worn for both exercising and general wear.


Image sourced from http://insights.fb.com

User experience:

As our lives have become more intertwined with digital platforms User Experience is now a topic discussed by the general public as people are actively requesting a seamless experience with brands.


Image sourced from http://insights.fb.com

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