3 Things Worth Noting in Social Media

Instagram introduces new shoppable tags feature

Instagram plays a key role in the product discovery process, as 60% of Instagrammer’s learn about products and services on the app. Instagram will now be taking this one step further by introducing stoppable tags in photos.

A new ‘tap to view’ icon at the bottom of an Instagram photo will allow users to see products and their prices. People can then find out more information, taking them to a specific product page for each item and make a purchase by tapping through to the relevant product page on the web.


For brands this is a great addition to the platform as it’s creating a seamless browsing experience for users, where they can shop without ever leaving the app. Furthermore this eliminates the need for users to have to tag their posts with brands accounts, link to blog posts or use hashtags.

With more and more people purchasing on mobile, this step toward social e-commerce is important as it’s reaching an active audience.

This is slowly being rolled out in the U.S. and expected to be available in Australia shortly.

Twitter updates Direct Messages 

Twitter is primarily used by businesses as a customer service tool. With this in mind Twitter will now allow businesses to use Quick Replies and Welcome Messages in Direct Messages.

These automated messages let businesses greet people and form a direct conversation with their users, without requiring people to send the first message. Quick replies let businesses prompt the users on how best to reply to the Direct Messages, so for example it will give them a list of options or guide them to enter specific texts to generate the right response.

These updates seek to minimise the response wait times, which is an issue many businesses face on Twitter. Furthermore this may reduce the negative comments on the twitter feed, as it will prompt users to voice these via direct messages.

Twitter gets rid of Vine

Twitter has decided to close its video sharing service. Vine lets people share six-second-long video clips that played on a loop. In a landscape were video is in high demand, Vine just can’t quite compete with short video Snapchat and Instagram.

Users can however still access the app to view and download their favourite Vines.


Have you noticed any other key updates in Social Media as of late?

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