Facebook Workplace

Facebook have recognised that people not only communicate with their friends and family on Facebook, but also their co-workers too. Facebook Workplace has undergone a pretty lengthy trial period, with more than 1,000 organisations however this new tool is now available to all!

Workplace is particularly useful for those that are often out of the office, as it gives them the  ability to live video chat with their colleagues, share updates, host a viral brainstorm in a group and quickly connect with co-workers through a group or single chat.

Workplace allows for a more casual conversation by posting and responding on a Facebook group. Whether or not this will create an unstructured and hard to manage conversation will in many ways be dependent on it’s users and the overall objectives of Workplace to the company.

In addition to the usual Facebook features, there are a few additional ones added into the mix. This includes a dashboard with analytics so that companies can gauge employee engagement levels in Workplace. Further to this, Multi-Company Groups allows employees from different organisations to work together on the platform.


Image sourced from http://newsroom.fb.com/

So, it appears the days of hiding your Facebook tab in the office are long gone, as people are now becoming required to spend time on Facebook. Some people are arguing that this real-time communication encourages reactive rather than deliberative decision making, however the essential goal of Workplace is to make life easy.

Will you look at Facebook Workplace for your business?

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