Facebook Topics to Watch – October 2016

Topics to Watch are conversation topics that have shown to have long-term growth on Facebook, which Facebook predicts will likely to continue to grow.

By keeping track of conversations to watch you can ensure you are engaging with conversations that will grow in popularity, and in turn audience numbers.

This month it appears people are on a quest for simplicity and more ethical ways of consumption. From Arboriculture to Reiki these conversations to watch all seem to embark a similar theme. Check them out here:


Arboriculture is the study of trees, urban or others. Arborists are sometimes referred to as tree surgeons who work to maintain a healthy tree population. This of course correlates directly to the growing interest in climate change and environmentalism, which may have resulted in the growing interest in the study.




The 90’s is making it’s comeback! The Choker necklace is a key topic to watch with editorial pieces highlighting how and why everyone should be wearing one.
Further to this, conversations about embroidery have sparked interest, as designers are using this to share their political statements. The message comes from the contrast: embroidery’s historical delicateness—and the time it requires to create—makes it the perfect canvas to express designs and ideas that are bold and progressive.

Draught beer:

Draught beer refers to beer that has been storied in either casks or kegs rather than a can or a bottle. Craft beer has become more about “Farm to keg” or “Farm to barrel,” with breweries sourcing local and more people drinking local. A number of states like New York and Virginia have allowed breweries to source, produce and serve beer on farmland, making craft breweries more and more similar to wineries. Draught beer can now be enjoyed by region.




Pit Barbeques:

Pit barbeques is essentially cooking meat and root vegetables below the earth. The rising popularity in this method is a nod to the slow food movement and an overall eagerness to go back to traditional cooking methods.


Reiki healing is a technique based o the idea that a therapist can channel energy into their patience by placing their hands in different positions of the body.
Reiki entered the mainstream when Vanity Fair released an article highlighting it as a part of new age resurgence.




Clearly we are seeing people and more people connecting to slow-paced forms of living, as they seek tradition and simplicity. Do these ideas align with your brand ethos?

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