Facebook gives users more control over ads

Facebook’s latest update is a bit of a double edged sword from a consumer perspective, as it seeks to give users more control over ad content and harder for ad blockers to work on its site.

Essentially the latest change means that users can opt out of seeing ads from companies that have added them to their customer lists. You can also do this based on certain interests, so for example if you wish to no longer see cat videos on your feed you can then remove the interest from your ad preferences.

Facebook says the move has been introduced to remove low quality ads on the platform, and furthermore increase engagement, as users are becoming increasingly picky with the content they allow on their feed.

So, what does this mean for marketers, especially those that use email targeting to reach customers? Essentially this means that your ads will only be served to those that are interested in your brand.

Furthermore, this is bypassing adblockers, as it makes it harder to distinguish between what is an ad and what is not. With 22% of the world’s 1.9 million smartphone users now using ad blocking software, this measure is clearly needed.

Time will tell how many users actually realise they can enable this feature.

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