Queen B continues to run the world

Who runs the world? You got it – Beyonce!

Beyonce’s latest athleisure line ‘Ivy Park; has reached Instagram engagement records and it hasn’t even launched yet!

beyonce 2

Imaged sourced from mashable.com

Ivy Park is now considered the most popular fashion brand on Instagram in terms of it’s extremely impressive engagement rate. This engagement has hugely assisted partnering company Topshop, who saw a massive spike in their Instagram performance during this period.

According to The account currently has over 126,000 followers, and while that is not hugely ground breaking, the engagement on the account is pretty incredible, with an average engagement rate of 22.9%. In comparison to other brands averaging around the 1% mark.


Image sourced from www.mashable.com

Other celebrities such as Rihanna’s line for Puma have also used Instagram to launch a product, which saw 10-15% engagement prior to launch.

So what can we take from these findings? Teaming up with key celebrities and influences can significantly help brands with their social media. This is of course not to say that all brands can and should align with with massive celebrities, but just how beneficial this roll-on effect can be.


Can you think of any other brands that have used Instagram well?

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