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Instagram’s Algorithm Update

Instagram’s latest update has caused quite the stir, as the platform will soon be implementing an algorithm timeline.

Essentially this means that Instagram will determine what content it believes people will be most interested in and serve it to them first. This shift comes as no surprise, as more brands are jumping on board the platform and organic reach alone is becoming increasingly difficult.

How does this effect brands on Instagram? Well, basically it’s just becoming even more important for brands to create quality content that drives conversation and engagement with your audience, which will in turn keep your content on top. Furthermore, supporting your organic Instagram posts with ads is essential to reach audiences with your content.


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Snapchat 2.0

Snapchat have recently updated their offering, by integrating voice and video calling all through the app. Unlike FaceTime, users don’t need a mobile number in order to make a call through Snapchat making the process seamless for users.

Snapchat have also introduced a range of stickers to increase communication on the platform. like an emoji you say? Well yes, but you have the option to showcase your ‘squad of cats’ and other interesting images.

Furthermore, Snapchat have made it so when you view a story, it will automatically roll over to the next story on the list. So far this has seen an increase of impressions as people are more likely to ‘ride the story wave’ and for brands it’s a great way to gain more views.



Image sourced from Social Media Examiner


These latest updates are making it easier for consumers to reach out and instantly engage with brands. This is taking customer service to a whole new level, as community managers will need to be ready to answer calls from fans and have real-time conversations.

Many brands are hesitant to jump on board the Snapchat bandwagon as performance on the platform can be difficult to measure. You can however create a referral code which can go straight onto your Snapchat story drawing people to your site, which can then be used to measure conversions.

For the moment, Snapchat for most marketers still remains as an additional social sphere to tell your brand story and personalise the brand. With so many updates in the social platform lately however, I suspect Snapchat will become a key tool in reaching your audience.

Facebook Enhances Video Metrics

Facebook have added a daily breakdown for video metrics, which gives advertisers a better understanding of a videos performance, you guested it… daily! This new feature is great for knowing what time your audience is watching your videos, how many minutes the videos were viewed for and the number of views your video received on a particular day.


Video daily insights

Image sourced from Social Media Examiner


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