3 Things Worth Noting In Social Media

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New Twitter Algorithm puts the best tweets first:

Twitter has been in the spotlight lately due to the announced updates that will be made to the platform. One major update is the new timeline feature, where users can opt-in to see the ‘top tweets’ first.

Essentially, what this change is doing is shifting Twitter from a chronological timeline to an algorithm timeline, and with Twitter’s recent announcement that they have only seen a 9% growth over the past year, this might be just what the doctor ordered. Twitter states that an important or ‘top tweet’ will be based on engagement figures, be it hearts, comments and shares.

What does this mean for marketers using Twitter? This could be massively beneficial for brands that are creating quality content, and a further incentive to focus on a content strategy rather than frequently pushing out tweets in the hopes that people will engage. Twitter has a strong loyal following, however updates like this may entice new users to the site by creating a better user experience. Twitter will no doubt increase its advertising revenue, as brands will want to start to pay to get their posts viewed.

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s new algorithm? Do you think this will impact the scheduling of tweets?

Twitter’s FirstView:

Twitter has also introduced First View for advertisers, which allows brands to pay to push their branded video content on Twitter’s top advertising spot for a 24 hour period. How does First View work? When users first visit Twitter, the top ad slot in the timeline will be a Promoted Video from that brand. This key spot is giving brands great reach and no doubt we will be seeing some pretty large players investing in this advertising space.

Twitter firstview

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Instagram Rolls out account switching:

Instagram has become an extremely popular platform for advertisers, but if you have had any experience with managing several Instagram accounts you will understand why the latest account switching feature is something to be celebrated.

acc switching

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How does it work? Whether you are a small business managing personal and business accounts or a brand manager managing multiple brand accounts you can switch between these without having to log out and back on again between your accounts. It’s also very clear which account you are posting from and what account the notifications are coming from.

With the ability to have up to 5 accounts set up at a time it will be interesting to see if this results in an increase of brands on the platform.

How do you think these changes with impact your company’s social media strategy?

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