Australians don’t just go online, they live online

Australians are avid digital consumers, with the internet sitting at the heart of everything we do. Be it shopping, networking, working or for leisure everyone is constantly connected.

Google’s latest Consumer Barometer highlights that 91% of Australian’s now use a mobile device or smartphone, making our nation one of the most connected countries in the world.

But what devices are we using? People on average have five or more connected devices and they are using their smartphones as much as desktops.


What does this mean for marketers? Australian’s are extremely reliant on the internet to shop, with 58% using the internet for recent purchase journeys.

purchase journeys

Viewing behaviour has also changed online with the increase of smartphone usage, which has resulted in more videos more often, and with the option to watch video in or out-of-home.

out of home

But does the device impact the audiences attention? It appears not, with computer viewing at 66% and Smartphone viewing at 63%.  This illustrates a highly engaged audience, with 70% of Australian internet users watching online videos at least weekly.

video views

Is your brand catering to this audience who live online? Having a website that is optimised for mobile should no longer be considered an ‘extra’ feature, but rather a priority to your online presence.

Online video content is clearly a key driver of engagement online. Is your brand present when your consumers are watching?

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