3 Things Worth Noting In Social Media

Pinterest introduces Visual Search Tool:

Pinterest is full of incredible and inspiring designs, and while it is easy to get carried away pinning new things, often these just stay in our online wish list with no idea where to find them in real life.

With this in mind, Pinterest have introduced their new Visual Search Tool, which is like a facial recognition tool…for furniture. For example if you see a pair of shoes you want in a Pin, you can search the image and find visually similar products.

This new tool is a further shift into making Pinterest an e-commerce space, as it will tell you the name of the product and of course, where you can purchase it.

It will be interesting to see how accurate this visual recognition tool works, as the effectiveness will in many ways be determined by how many products Pinterest has in it’s database.

Facebook introduces new tools to improve local marketing:

Facebook is making it easier for businesses with multiple locations to create local ads for each store. With locations for pages, you can add dynamic ad copy, links and call-to-action buttons to your ads.

This new tool is helpful for local businesses as it increases targeting to ensure that ads are relevant to the people they are being served to. Furthermore, it allows you to create relevant ads for each retail location. For example a retailer may have several different stores that wish to push out different products depending on the location.

Location specific ads is helpful for businesses, as it gives you more insight into the people near your stores, allowing you to get a full understanding of the people in your area and who is actually viewing your ads. Ad reports are also available for each location, which gives businesses a greater insight into ad performance.

Periscope introduces Global Map and Skip Ahead of Replays:

Periscope’s new Global Map function works by allowing users to zoom to a new place on the map and let you view a live broadcast from that region.

The replay button will also allow you to see both things that are happening now, and happened recently. These new features appear to attempting to shift Periscope into the a location specific real-time News Hub.

Further to this, Periscope lets you skip ahead of replays to the moment you want to see. I mean it is the 21st century after all, who really has time to watch a WHOLE video?!


Is your brand on Social Media? How will these updates impact your strategy?

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