3 Things Worth Noting On Social Media This Week

Check out the latest updates in the wonderful world of social media…


  1. Facebook and Instagram introduce Signal:
  2. Snapchat release their first in-app purchase and lenses feature
  3. Twitter links up with payment startup Stripe to add ‘Buy’ Button to all


Facebook and Instagram introduce Signal:

Signal is a new platform introduced for journalists, which works to help them find trending stories and content from Instagram and Facebook. This new platform is a further shift into making Facebook a one-stop-shop for news-gathering.

Signal gives journalists access to videos, photos and specific trends, therefore they no longer need to go to a third party site to gather news. Essentially this means users will stay on the one platform.
Furthermore, with the ever growing mountain of information being uploaded to social media, Signal helps journalists find social content. Both the ‘Trending’ tab and Emerging Trends helps journalists see what is trending, and well, you guessed it…what’s soon to be a trend.


Snapchat releases their first in-app purchase & new lenses feature:

Is your Snapchat story full of your friends vomiting out rainbows? You’re not alone. Snapchat have introduced lenses which can alter selfies using facial recognition software. Snapchat said they will regularly change the lense to mix it up.
Are you sick of receiving Snapchat’s that last for 3 seconds and then they disappear? Well Snapchat has now introduced the option to buy extra Replays of Snaps that you have already watched.

Twitter gets thrifty!

Twitter links up with payment startup Stripe to add ‘Buy’ buttons to all. Stripe has powered Twitters ‘buy’ buttons since last year, which previously allowed for retailers to sell their products on Twitter. However changes have been made that allows anyone to sell their stuff via tweets.

twitter buy


Have you heard any other social media news worth noting?

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