5 Recent Facebook Ad Changes

Facebook ads have undergone many changes as of late, from ‘Call Now’ buttons, to the Ad Manager mobile ad tool and more, which all seeks to provide your business with further targeting options.


1. Call now button which connects you to Mobile users

The new call now button is a great way for prospective customers to call you directly from your ad. This effectively means that customers no longer need to navigate to your site in order to find contact details.
What does this mean for your business? This takes out a whole section of the funnel by sending people straight to you. This is simplifying the whole process; therefore you are able to catch the audience at the right place when it matters.
On the other hand, having a ‘Call Now’ button means that your business needs to manage good timely phone responses to ensure a smooth transaction.

call now button

2. Facebook Product Ads sync with your sales catalogs

Facebook have released their new mobile friendly product ads, which allows retailers to sync their catalog with previous Facebook advertising efforts.
These ads are based on a set template, which pulls certain products, images and other attributes from your catalog based on the keywords you have provided. How does this benefit your business? It eliminates the need for you to create new content for each ad. These ads also work for both Newsfeed, mobile and sidebar ads therefore you only need one template to cover all ad display formats.

product ads
3. Carousel ads come to mobile

Most of you will already be familiar with the Carousel ads, which have shown to be hugely successful for advertisers. This ad format allows you to showcase your brand and products using multiple images all within one post.

carousel ads


4. Ads manager and power editor undergo a face lift

Noticed some changes to your Facebook Ad tools? Power editor has altered it’s page which offers a more logical interface and allows you to bulk edit your ads.
Ads manager has also undergone some key alternations, as you can now create and change your ads all within one space. This new feature saves you considerable amount of time as you can bulk edit your budget and targeting for multiple ads all at the same time and duplicate your campaigns and ad sets.

5. You can now manage your campaign via your Mobile device

Just left work and realised you need to make some urgent changes to your Ad campaign? The new Ads Manager App means you can revise you budgets, change scheduling, and edit your ads using the app on your mobile. This new app means that you can always make changes to your campaign without having to be tied to your desktop. With that in mind, don’t be the person adjusting your schedule during a Saturday night out!

ads manager

How do you think these changes will improve your advertising strategy on Facebook? What are your thoughts on these latest changes?

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