The Gender Split: Australian Digital Activity

A new study reveals that online activity is not equal among genders in Australia, with females being more passionate digital users than males.


Yes we all know it, woman are brilliant multi-taskers. And it appears that the new postmodern woman is now juggling digital activities, as a recent study highlighted that females are more devoted digital users than men.

According to Neilsen’s June study, females were 4 percentage points more likely to access the web while watching television almost every day. This illustrates that women are interacting with various different digital devices over that of their male counterparts. What does this mean for brands? Woman’s attention is becoming increasingly fragmented across various mediums. This online activity can however leverage your band if you have a strong social standing, as woman are more likely to browse and share content on social media.

Furthermore, woman are spending nearly 1 hour extra a week using the internet on their mobile device. With mobile becoming the chosen device for online activity over that of desktop, it becomes increasingly important for your business to be mobile friendly.

So, where does this leave males in the land of digital? One area that they did shine was in viewing of video-on-demand content. Clearly online activity differs among gender, and with 67% of Australian internet users interacting with social networks at least monthly this year, having a strong social standing is vital. A brand that has recently altered their marketing strategy is David Jones, where they have shifted away from traditional media to focusing 50% of their marketing spend on digital channels.

Are you taking gender into consideration when planning your digital activity? How will you keep this in mind when implementing your social strategy?

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