3 Things Worth Noting in Social Media This Week

Check out the latest happenings on social media this week:

  1. Google separates from Google+
  2. Instagram opens it’s advertising to the masses
  3. Facebook releases page messaging

Google separates from Google+


Google recently announced that it will be splitting Google+ apart by making the platform more focused on experiences. This redesigning means that Photos, Streams and Hangouts will be separated and managed independently.

Where does this leave Google+ now? It wishes to become one centered on bringing users together based on shared interests – be it a particular topic, product or service. With this, Google announced that they will take away any unnecessary features that aren’t essential to an interest based medium.

Furthermore, Google announced that people will no longer require a Google+ account to access other Google services.

With this shift away from social, Google+ is no longer competing against other social media giants such as Facebook and the likes. Which leads to the fundamental question – Should your brand still incorporate Google+ into its social strategy? There still remains a relatively large market segment on this platform, however brands will need to be even more aware of their consumers interests to ensure their content is reaching out to the target market.

Instagram opens up to the masses announcing Kenshoo, Salesforce, and Hootsuite as partners


Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media network globally. With this, it is hardly surprising that the mobile app has opened up its advertising API. This is definitely a sigh of relief for businesses, as it allows you to integrate Instagram into your social strategy.

This opening boosts Instagram’s monetization capabilities, as advertisers can now buy Instagram ads and plan out their activity in a strategic way as they would their other social media platforms. Instagram’s partner program includes Kenshoo, Salesforce, Unified and more allowing API partners to perform tasks including scheduling and publishing content. Furthermore, Instagram has announced that they will slowly filter out the ads to ensure that users wont get bombarded with advertisements.

What does this opening mean for businesses? Clearly, this is hugely beneficial for businesses, however It is important that brands continue to be creative in order to suit the style of the medium. Instagram has a specific focus on quality and simplicity, with many users participating on this medium to escape advertising clutter, therefore brands need to tread carefully when advertising on Instagram.

Facebook releases a ‘send message’ call to action


Have you ever sent a business a Facebook Message in the hopes of gaining a quick response? I think we are all guilty of this as Messenger has become the easiest, most effective communication channel. Facebook has recognised the need for a business-consumer interaction with the release of the ‘send message’ call to action.

Facebook continues to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers by allowing business transactions on the social medium. With over a billion people visiting Facebook business profiles seeking more information, it is no wonder that they have recently rolled out the ‘send message’ call to action field. This works on local awareness ads and draws conversation from the customers news feed.

What does this mean for your business? It allows customers to privately message your business, therefore allowing you to directly converse with your customers. Furthermore, it draws your consumers straight from their news feed to your business.

With this comes the need for timely responses, as your response rate will be shown on your page so that page visitors know if you have handled the request.

How will this weeks changes impact your social strategy?

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