Will innovations like Kompyte change the competitive landscape?

We’re always on the look-out for new and innovative tools when it comes to measuring online and advertising efforts, and more often than not, we’re underwhelmed by whats on offer.

Cue Kompyte! This tracking tool appears to be different, as allows you to monitor your competitors moves and KPI’s to stay one step ahead.

Kompyte is designed to learn about its users competitors online strategies in real-time, and respond to them. How does it work? Users can choose up to 15 competitors and key words that they would like Kompyte to monitor. The tracking tool will then follow websites, advertisements, social profiles and newsletters and then alert you when they produce new content or changes. Furthermore, Kompyte alerts you when new competitors are entering into the marketplace, which allows you to respond accordingly.
We did a bit of research, and we think Kompyte’s pricing is pretty reasonable in comparision to other measuring and tracking tools on the market. There are two plans available; the advanced plan for USD $59 per month (5 competitors and 5 key words) or the professional plan for USD $159 per month.
We are eager to get our hands on Kompyte and test it out.These new innovations shift the way we interact with competitors, as it allows you to monitor their behavior, while allowing you to spend time and effort where you should be – on your own site.

How do you think innovations such as these will change the competitive landscape? How else could businesses use behavior data?


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