Messenger becoming a standalone platform from Facebook

Facebook Messenger has revolutionized the way we communicate with others. Remember the old days of having to awkwardly ask someone for their number? Now all it takes is a cheeky name search and you can chat away with that guy or girl from that bar. And now, it appears the social network wants to bring somebody else into the conversation – business.

Until now, Messenger has remained a relatively untouched platform by marketers, but with 600 million people interacting on this app each month it is not surprising that Messenger is an attractive medium for advertisers. Facebook has recognized the importance of this app by announcing that users will no longer need a Facebook account to use Messenger.

Fundamentally Messenger is about conversing with others, therefore adding commerce into the mix means businesses have an even more direct connection to their customers to build meaningful relationships. KLM are a great example of a company that have been utilising Facebook for Customer Service by offering a 24/7 service that answers customer queries, ticket bookings, check-ins and more. These Messenger for Business updates can add yet another level to their social media strategy which will benefit them and others.




Why is Messenger important for businesses? There is an element of trust related to the app, therefore customers are more likely to trust your brand. Even though Messenger is shifting into it’s own platform, its association with Facebook will add to the trust. This trust will only be present if you’ve proven to have a good response rate through your brand page where you’ve engaged your fans and customers.

Page Admins can now see response rates

Page Admins can now see response rates

Furthermore, timely responses are essential to ensure that customers feel valued and that brands are aligning with the apps core strategies of instantaneous communication. As a page admin you can now see the Response Rate timings on the sidebar of your page, which highlights how Facebook is viewing brands responding in a timely fashion:

Messenger has also announced their person-to-person payments, where you save your card information and payments go straight from your account to others accounts. Messenger will also support third-party apps to easily send GIFS and so on so that users can access the application’s functionality in their chat interface.

We suspect there will be many more interesting changes made to this medium – watch this space!


 Have you any plans to integrate Messenger into your marketing strategy? What do you think the risk factor could be associated with this shift?




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