Facebook Hot Topics: June 2015

Wondering what’s going on the world, be it in your city, country or even just celeb-land? If you’re anything like us, the number one place you go to for this information is Facebook. Whether it’s posted by your friends, old college mates, or the brands or publishers you follow. People talk, a lot, on Facebook. So with all of this ‘talk’ happening on the one platform, it would make sense for Facebook to collate all of the hot topics for each region in a monthly post called …Hot Topics!

facebook hot topics

June has inspired a lot of chit-chat in relation to Public Figures – especially those in the entertainment, sports and music industries. From the death of Christopher Lee which dominated Australians conversations on Facebook to Dave Grohl’s true rocker spirit as he performed after breaking his leg on stage.

Samsung gained plenty of traction on Facebook after a cyber attack scare that could affect many Australians, and much excitement around the release of the new Apple Watch was evident. Furthermore, Facebook users shared Ramadan-related thoughts during the holy month of fasting and prayer.

Check out who drove the conversation and when these topics peaked for each audience:

Have you any idea as to what will be the hot topics for July? Do these figures correlate with your Facebook activity?

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