3 Things Worth Noting In Social Media This Week

The latest updates from social media this week…


  1. SnapChat launches Native Video Ads for mobile
  2. Instagram releases a new search and explore tab
  3. Sign up to Messenger without a Facebook account


SnapChat launches ‘Native Video Ads for mobile

SnapChat launches the new Native video Ad product for mobile. 3V (vertical, video, view) ads will appear as either sponsored posts or curated content created by SnapChat users as Live Stories. SnapChat CEO Evan Spiegel announced that people today are watching more videos on SnapChat than on any other platform, and with 3V using a full-screen vertical content allows for optimal viewing for users.

SnapChat is clearly a hot topic this week, with their recent partnership with The Daily Mail and WPP releasing Truffle Pig (see our article for more info). Advertisers should definitely embrace this medium to ensure their target market doesn’t disappear on them… literally!

Snapchat 3v

Instagram releases a new search and explore tab

Instagram’s new Explore page collates trending tags and uses a more powerful search that makes it easier for users to find people, places and tags. Instagram has also altered their search to include ‘Top’ and ‘Places’. These new top searches are altering Instagram from a photo-sharing platform to one where people can search for their next holiday destination, scope out the latest hipster restaurant and discover new people to follow. What do these changes mean for advertisers? Well, the importance of accurate and effective hashtags is even more crucial to get your brand at the forefront of this real-time content.



Sign up to Messenger without a Facebook account

Earlier this week Facebook announced that you no longer require a Facebook account to access the chat app Messenger, as users can now sign up with their mobile number. This shift is another prime example of Facebook turning messenger into a whole new platform.

This shift allows for marketers to tap into a previously unreached market, as those who are not on Facebook now become accessible to advertisers through videos, group chats, apps, stickers and more. The company also announced that people will be able to start a conversation with businesses and vice versa – for example seeking an order confirmation and shipping status updates. This is effectively allowing brands to have a direct dialogue with their consumers, however  messenger is currently quite a private medium so it will be interesting to how how people adapt to these changes.


Will you be adjusting your social media strategy  with a view to implementing any of these updates?


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