3 Things Worth Noting In Social Media This Week

Some of the latest updates from the ever-changing world of social media this week…

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1. LinkedIn Introduce ‘Elevate’

2. Twitter’s Home gets a new look

3. Foursquare launches ‘Pinpoint’

1. LinkedIn Elevate – Helping companies empower employees to share content

People share content on social networks, no surprises there. And when it comes to the professional social network that is LinkedIn, this content is career orientated and related to their profession. And the same goes for companies; they share their content to market and sell. LinkedIn believe that as a company, if you empower your employees to share content, you will empower them to be social professionals. LinkedIn Elevate aims to bridge the sharing content for companies and their employees. It’s a ‘new product that helps companies and employees curate high-quality content, share easily to social networks, and measure the impact.’ According to LinkedIn data, if a member shares six pieces of content ‘on average, they receive six profile views and make two new connections, which helps them strengthen their professional brands. At the same time, the company they work for receives six job views, three Company Page views, and one Company Page follower, which helps them better hire, market, and sell.’ But currently, only 2% of employees are actually sharing the content that their company has shared on LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn Elevate, recommendations from LinkedIn Pulse and Newsle, along with human curation, employees will have a stream packed full of relevant content ready for sharing. Elevate is on an invite only basis for now, but find out more about it here.

2. Twitter.com gets a refresh

If you’re anything like me, the first place you’ll go for breaking news and live commentary on events is on to Twitter. As a user I log straight in and could spend an afternoon following a breaking news hashtag. But for non-users and those who don’t want to log-in at that time, this real-time content has been out of bounds, until now.

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Twitter.com new homepage


Desktop users in the US from today will be able to scroll through tweets covering everything from politics or cute cats all from Twitter.com. Just click the topic you’re interested in and you’ll see a timeline of tweets from the most popular accounts relating to the topic. Its real-time content and ease of accessibility will be a good introduction for those new to the twitter world of hashtags. Like all of these updates, it’ll slowly be rolled out to Australian shores in the not too distant future.

3. Foursquare introduces ‘Pinpoint’

Foursquare have stepped up to the advertising game with Pinpoint, a location based advertising model. With ‘Accuracy, Audience and Activation’ their key focus, there’s no denying that location based advertising is a powerful and precise medium for advertisers – ‘Marketers can now look beyond website visits to accurately target millions of consumers based on the places they go in the physical world.’ You can request a demo over on their website.

Have you heard any other social media news worth noting?

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