3 Recent Facebook Updates You Should Know About

We’re all well aware of how Facebook keeps us all on our toes by constantly rolling out changes and making updates…

And it certainly keeps us in blog writing material.

As a self-diagnosed Facebook news junkie, I’ve noticed that it’s either a ‘feast or a famine’ when it comes to Facebook changes, they start with one, and all of a sudden you’ve spent a large chunk of your week perusing the Facebook for business website.

So, partly in order to class that as time well spent, here’s the top 3 recent updates to Facebook that we think you should take notice of:

#1 – Making Likes More Meaningful

At the start of March, Facebook announced it was striving to make Page Likes more meaningful for businesses. In order to do so they are updating the way in which Page Likes are counted by removing memorial and voluntarily deactivated accounts from Pages’ like counts.

Facebook sees two major benefits to this:
1 – It will give your business an up-to-date insight on the people who actively follow your page, as well as making it easier for you to find similar active people through your lookalike audiences.
2 – Keep it consistent as they’d already applied this rule to comments and likes on page posts.

We see this as a positive move by Facebook, as it’ll give you a clear view of your actual fan numbers, along with hopefully having a good effect on your page engagement.

#2 – Adding more to your Facebook Ads

And by adding more, we mean adding more products and imagery to one Facebook Ad.

A few weeks ago Facebook Ads rolled out the multi-product ad, and marketers went nuts for it. These multi-product, or carousel ads allow you to rotate several products in the one ad. No more setting up countless ads all for similar products. Each carousel ad will have the same text and social buttons, but each image will have its own product, title, image and landing page.

Multi-product Ads allow you to showcase much more

Multi-product Ads allow you to showcase much more

Also on the Ad front, Facebook is rolling out dynamic product ads which will allow you to ‘promote relevant products to shoppers browsing your product catalogue on your website or mobile app.’ Meaning you can promote product with unique creative without having to configure each individual ad. And it also means you’re reaching the right people with the right product, all the time. Making your ads a lot more relevant, increasing the likelihood to purchase.

A Dynamic Ad template

A Dynamic Ad template

#3 – Video keeps on growing

You’re probably well aware that Facebook has put a big push into video over the last 12 months or so, and it’s paying off as video views reached 1 billion views per day last September. And the latest update on the video tab on your page is encouraging you to upload a featured video for it to be the main feature when someone visits that tab. It’s pretty easy to do and great way to promote your latest video content.

If you have a new video to promote, get it featured.

If you have a new video to promote, get it featured.

Have you embraced any of these new Facebook updates yet? Or are you happy to finally see these additions? 


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