Social Media B2B Group – Members Wanted!

In conjunction with Dr Michael Valos, senior lecturer at Deakin University we are looking to recruit a social media B2B group of about 15-20 people.

The intent is to meet up a few times a year to share learnings and discuss this ever evolving space to collectively move the debate forward.

social media b2b

Business to Business social media

B2B is the most unrealised aspect of social thinking and with some great case histories out there, to convince CEOs and the board, it provides the most potential to deliver on a range of metrics to the benefit of business in the longer term.

Brian Solis, one of the foremost authoritative thinkers in the social space, has coined the term, Digital Darwinism best described as the phenomenon when technology and society evolve faster than an organization, measured by how well that organisation can adapt (or not). Brian was recently in Australia at the Telstra Digital conference and you can see some of his thoughts here.

If social B2B is your remit or if it particularly interests you then please email me: martyn[at] and we can forge new understandings to mutual benefit.

Here’s a post which outlines how to make the most from a social B2B approach. If you recognise some challenges you are facing to implement social thinking, having read this, then you’d be a great candidate for the group. Equally if you think you’ve been able to deliver  a fully comprehensive B2B social strategy for your company then we’d love you to share.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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