3 Things Worth Noting In Social Media This Week

This week in the wonderful world of social media… 

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Here are the latest noteworthy changes in social media this week which we felt you should know about:

  1. Facebook introduces local awareness ads, stickers and safety check feature
  2. New app Snowball arrives
  3. Twitter Audio Cards

Facebook introduces, well… a lot of new things

This is arguably 3 things worth noting but I’ve decided to collate them into one point (because nobody wants to hear a social media update JUST about Facebook). It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Facebook as they’ve introduced local awareness ads, stickers and a safety check feature.

Local awareness ads will now assist local business owners by enabling them to show ads to people who are near the business’ neighbourhood essentially helping with their targeting. You’ll be able to create a local awareness ad in a few steps through the Ads Create Tool. Facebook will then create an audience for the ad that includes people who live close by or were recently near your business. They believe this new form of ad will be mutually beneficial for users and businesses as Facebook users will be able to discover more things in the area and businesses will be able to reach people nearby. This feature will roll out globally in the coming months.

You can now send stickers in comments! – This is pretty self-explanatory…

Facebook has introduced Safety Check, a new feature which allows users to say whether they’re safe or not when a natural disaster has occurred near their location. During a major disaster, Safety Check will help you:

  • Let friends and family know you’re safe
  • Check on others in the affected area
  • Mark your friends as safe

For a short demonstration of how Safety Check works, check out the video below.


Snowball – all your social media notifications in one spot

A few weeks ago we wrote a post on whether there is really room for more social media networks. Nowadays, people usually have accounts with many social media networks so checking them on a daily basis, let alone responding can become a strenuous task.

Let me introduce you to Snowball (not the Simpsons pet cat), the new app which shows your messages from Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, SMS and Twitter all in one place! Snowball is still in beta testing at the moment so not every social app is able to be synced, HOWEVER there are plans to add many more social media apps in the future.  Having all your messages in one place from all your social media apps may not completely solve the issue of having mountains of accounts, but it at least looks at making life a lot simpler and easier. Note that this app only checks your messages/notifications from different social media apps. To respond, you’ll click on the message/notification and be re-directed to the appropriate app. It would be cool sometime in the future to be able to respond to everything out of the one app!

The Snowball beta is currently available worldwide however the app is only available on Android (sorry Apple users). Why only Android? A blog from Snowball states ‘because the power and the openness of the Android platform makes apps like Snowball possible.



Twitter introduces Audio Cards

Twitter has announced a new feature called Audio Cards which, with a single tap, lets you discover and listen to audio directly in your timeline on both iOS and Android devices. While listening to music, podcasts or other audio content, you can ‘dock’ (minimize) the Audio Card and keep browsing through Twitter while you audio continues to play. The first partner for streaming on Twitter is SoundCloud however Twitter plans on making it available to more partners and creators in the future.

Could we start seeing audio advertising on Twitter in the future?


What do you think about the latest social media updates? 


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