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Brian Solis – Australian Digital Summit 2014

Yesterday I watched Brian Solis, courtesy of Telstra’s live streaming, at the Australian Digital Summit 2014.

For anyone new to Brian, he is a guiding light through the opportunity and turmoil of change that we’re all experiencing in digital and social.

To his credit Brian hasn’t fundamentally changed his tune, over the years, in the face of big business scepticism and I was slightly surprised that only 120 other people were live streaming now that his resoluteness of opinion increasingly makes sense.

I can’t find a link to his session but here’s last years’ and it all holds true.

Here are some of the gems (with some paraphrasing) from yesterday which largely focus around Digital Darwinism best described as the phenomenon when technology and society evolve faster than an organization measured by how well that organisation can adapt (or not).

“Competing for the future means dealing with problems you may not have to deal with today.”

“Compete for the future not for the moment.”

“It’s hard to make the case for change when you’re profitable.”

“The most successful business leaders will tell you that to stay profitable you have to compete for tomorrow and you have to see what tomorrow brings while still competing for today.”

“Acknowledge how your customers are changing. Resist making decisions on how you see the world.”

“The moment you step outside your own perspective you start to see the world differently and it inspires you.”

“Ignorance plus arrogance = irrelevance.”

“Investing in culture and innovation is a way of competing for the future.”

“Businesses need to start to compete for relevance and embrace digital as a lifestyle.”

“Capturing someone’s attention and doing something meaningful with it is about creating a journey, creating an experience that means something, something relevant.”

“The future takes vision and leadership not talent in management.”

“In the next couple of years 25% of businesses will have a Chief Digital Officer role that works across marketing, customer experience and technology.”

There are some big thoughts here and anyone who might be sceptical or uncertain should consider the COI.

Anyone else listen to Brian yesterday or was lucky enough to be there? Was it a useful conference?

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