6 Content Ideas For Newcomers To Facebook

6 Content Ideas For Newcomers To Facebook

Life can be tough in the beginning for businesses joining Facebook. What should you post about? Should you advertise? How can you get more likes? While advertising is a good idea in the beginning to establish yourself an audience (check out our post on Facebook Advertising), choosing the right content which will get people actually engaging with your page can be a little more difficult. Here are 6 content ideas for newcomers to Facebook on how to get your audience engaging with your page.


‘To be, or not to be, that is the question.’ Ok, bad example (unless your Facebook page is promoting English Literature). However, posts with quotes relevant to your particular industry or even general motivational quotes tend to be a hit amongst Facebook users. Think about your target audience and what they could relate to. If you’re a café for example, search the internet for quotes about coffee, coffee beans, how coffee gets people through the day. There are plenty out there and they’re not even hard to find (a quick Google images search will suffice).



If you have your own personal Facebook account, or even just the internet, chances are you’re familiar with memes. A meme is typically an image, video or piece of text, typically humorous in nature that is copied and spread rapidly across the internet by users (see picture below for an example). Memes attract large amounts of engagement usually due to their humorous nature or the fact that a lot of people can relate to the content. Once again, think about your target audience and what they would find funny or relate to.



Let’s face it, everyone wants something for nothing. If you say you don’t, you’re lying! Competitions through Facebook are a great idea for newcomers as people will usually follow this theory of ‘something for nothing’ and engage with your brand in order to win a prize. Of course you’re not going to offer a $10,000 giveaway but it could be something as simple as guessing ‘what coffee has chocolate in it’ whereby people need to comment the answer and the chosen winner gets 10 free coffees from your store. So guys, what coffee contains chocolate?


Time Sensitive Content:

If I was to ask you what things come to your mind when thinking about the month December chances are you’ll answer Christmas, New Years, Holidays, Summer (granted you live in the Southern Hemisphere). These are all examples of when you can create content around specific dates or events. Create a post wishing your audience a Merry Christmas or maybe there is a new cocktail available at your store and since its summer you could say ‘Why not cool off with our brand new cocktail. The perfect summer refreshment!’ Hmm, anyone else feel like a cocktail now?

time event


This may seem like a simple tip, but it is a very effective one. People enjoy having their say on questions or topics especially when they’re genuinely interested. Let’s go back to the café example. You might write a particular post asking your audience which coffee they prefer, a latte, cappuccino or espresso? Or whether or not they like sugar in their coffee. All these questions aim to get your audience talking with you and your brand. The answers from your audience can even help your business when making future decisions. If people are saying they like a certain type of coffee which you don’t offer, you could possibly run a promotion for a month making this coffee thus rewarding your loyal fans.

questions 1

Company Photos:

Although your Facebook page is representing your business, people enjoy seeing life behind the brand. They like to see that you are in fact human, not just someone trying to sell you their product on Facebook. If it’s an employee’s birthday, a particular milestone or even something funny which happened at work, don’t be afraid to post about this. People will be able to relate to these events and will take a liking to the fact that you’re not just about sales.



Have you been using any of these content ideas on Facebook? If so, let us know how they’ve been working for you.

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