Linkedin Publishing Platform – Long-Form Posts

Linkedin Publishing Platform – Long-Form Posts


What is publishing long-form posts on Linkedin?

Some of you may have heard of (or even been granted early access) to Linkedin’s new Publishing platform which is gradually being rolled out over the coming months. For those of you who haven’t, this new feature will give members a chance to publish long-form posts about their expertise, professional interests and insights. If you currently write blogs for your company and share them via Linkedin, your eyes should be lighting up! You’ll no longer have to share a blog post using a link in an update, you’ll be able to publish them straight on Linkedin which will then become part of your professional profile, be shared with your network and also have the chance of being featured on a Linkedin channel. For those familiar with WordPress or any other basic blogging platform, Linkedin Publishing will be fairly easy to get the hang of. You’ll be able to use basic formatting tools such as bullets, numbered lists, bold, italics and also embed images as well as content in the posts either from your computer or SlideShare.



Why should I use Linkedin Publishing?

Linkedin Publishing is a fantastic way to showcase your knowledge, experience, or expertise and share it amongst your entire network. Once published, your post will be searchable by keyword in Linkedin’s posts search box at the top of your home screen giving it greater exposure than say a regular update. As we mentioned earlier, if your post is viewed enough times it has the chance to be featured on a Linkedin channel which will give your post exposure to MANY Linkedin members thus increasing the likelihood of people engaging and following your page. Another benefit of using Linkedin publisher is that not only can people comment on your posts, they can also share them on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ which could have your posts being shared among a range of social media channels.

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How will I know when I can publish long-form posts?

Although Linkedin are no longer accepting applications for early access to this feature, keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for a pencil icon which will appear in the share box at the top of your homepage. The addition of this icon will mean you are now able to publish long-form posts. Simply click on the icon and you’ll be taken through an introductory tutorial.



What do you think about this new publishing feature? If you’ve had firsthand experience using Linkedin Publishing let us know whether or not you liked it.

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