Two major updates for Facebook Newsfeed

Two more changes for Facebook’s Newsfeed this week:

This week saw (even more!) major changes to Facebook’s News Feed and what they will give prominence to.

While this will result in a better experience for users, brands will have to get in line when it comes to what they say and how they post their updates. The changes aim to make sure that posts and links from brands on Facebook are relevant and interesting, aka not too spammy.

Say good-bye to Click-Baiting Headlines

We’ve all seen them in our Newsfeed ‘You’ll never believe what this guy did next’ or ‘Click to see what Beyoncé did on stage!’, etc., etc. These ‘click-baiting’ headlines offer next to no information about what you’re clicking through to, and more often than not, very little reference to what the headline suggested. They do however result in a large volume of engagers, which also means they’ll show up a lot in your newsfeed as they are deemed to be popular content.

FB Click bait

Example of a ‘Click-bait’ post (Images via FB Newsroom)

Facebook reckon, or more so their survey says that 80 % of the time people preferred to see headlines that helped them decide beforehand if they wanted to click through or not. And they’ll decide on what’s deemed ‘click bait’ material based on how long people spend reading an article away from Facebook. So if you click through and come straight back to Facebook, they’ll determine that the content wasn’t valuable. Likes, shares and comments on these links will also be taken into account here, so just getting a lot of clicks but no other actions will help also help with determining click bait posts.

Use the link-preview instead of posting links in your text

A picture paints a thousand words, and that’s why Facebook added in larger link preview image space in recent months. This also included a headline and some text as a preview to what the link holds.


Example of how your posts with links should look

Another finding from their survey revealed that users prefer to click on links that are displayed in this new-ish link format, rather than links in text or on image descriptions. This format allows for more transparency on what’s to come, as well as it being an easier format for link clicking on mobile devices.

So, going forward, priority will be given to links that utilise this link preview format and show less posts with links in status updates or captions.


What not to do if you want to get in to your fans newsfeed

A lot of businesses are already utilising this link preview feature already and are seeing good results. We’re a fan of it as it does all of what was mentioned above, and with the amount of mobile users for the social network growing daily, it makes sense to optimise the chances of them engaging with your posts and links.

Will either of these Facebook Newsfeed updates change how your business posts?

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