3 Things Worth Noting In Social Media This Week: Facebook Forces Messenger, Messaging Pinterest Pins, Google+ Bot & Spider Filtering

Things that caught our eye in the world of social media this week…

There have been several noteworthy changes rolled out in social media of late that we felt were worthy of a write up. Our pick for the top three:

1. Facebook forcing users to download Messenger
2. Pinterest enabling messaging of Pins
3. Google+ introduces bot and spider filtering


Facebook forces users to download Messenger for mobile devices

Warning all Facebook mobile app users: new restrictions for mobile devices using the Facebook app are being enforced! Facebook are stopping the use of messenger on the main iPhone and Android apps, and forcing users to instead download the standalone Messenger app. Previously users were able to chat from the Messages tab in the Facebook app while given the option to download the Messenger app if they wished. However now users will be forced to download the Facebook app and the Facebook Messenger app separately. Facebook previously trialled this in Europe and found that users responded to Facebook messages 20 percent faster when using the Messenger app. After seeing these positive results, they decided to expand throughout the rest of the world. Apple are currently only applying these restrictions to mobile phones, not desktops, laptops or tables.


Pinterest messages encourage conversations

In an attempt to encourage users to share Pins, Pinterest has introduced a new feature allowing users to send and receive Pins in messages. In fact, not only are users able to send private messages, they are able to send Pins to groups! For example, if you are thinking of making a specific recipe for your house dinner, you can now send a Pin to the rest of your housemates to show them your Pinteresting idea! This new feature is ideal for anyone planning a project or wanting to collaborate and share creative ideas instantly with others.


Google+ introduces bot and spider filtering

Bot Spider and diltering

Google+ is introducing a new feature designed to offer a more accurate reflection of the real traffic coming to pages. The new bot and spider filtering will help to exclude all hits that are generated from known bots and spiders. This is great news for brands and marketers, as it enables you to identify a more accurate figure of visitors coming to your site. To use the bot and spider filtering, you must select a new checkbox titled “Exclude traffic from known bots and spiders” in the Reporting View Settings of the management user interface.


This week we are playing with… EDGAR


Introducing a new scheduling tool. Similar to other scheduling tools, what sets Edgar apart is the infinite storage for published posts, and the categorising function. Edgar allows users to categorise their posts, and then create a schedule based around these categories. The major benefit: Edgar selects different posts from each category list for you, saving you the time and effort wasted when selecting individual posts. It then reuses posts from each category on rotation to create a timetable for scheduling. However, should you wish for a post to be published only once, users simply have to select the ‘use once’ option before scheduling and select a specific time to publish the unique post. For a short video tutorial click here.


We are always on the lookout for new and interesting social media updates, so if you see something that catches your eye please let us know!

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