Australian Teenagers Facebook Behaviour 2014

Are Australian teenagers really leaving Facebook?

There has been much speculation about the activity of teens on Facebook with many articles headlines warning marketers of the ‘danger’ of a dying target market on the network. You’ve probably come across headlines such as “Facebook admits teens not as active on network”, “Facebook is dead and buried to teens” and “Teenagers are over Facebook”!

Although there has been a slight (very slight) decline in young people on Facebook, Mum & Dad’s Facebook profiles and friend requests haven’t completely scared them from Facebook and onto other networks such as SnapChat, WhatsApp & Instagram. Teens aren’t actually turning away from the social network at all. Facebook (among others) collected data on teen activity on the network which reveals another story.


What are teenager’s main social networks compared to others?

  • 94% of Australians aged 14-19 are on Facebook, whereas 99% of those aged 20-39 are on Facebook.
  • 41% of Australians aged 14-19 are on Instagram
  • Only 7% of Australians aged 14-19 are on Twitter

The results are clear: Facebook remains young users’ favorite social network. 

Source: YellowTM Social Media Report, May 2013

Source: YellowTM Social Media Report, May 2013


 Why are teenagers using Facebook ?

  • 99% of Australians aged 14-19 used Facebook to catch up with family & friends
  • 65% use Facebook to share photos & videos
  • 76% of teens use Facebook to contact with friends & family using Facebook chat (TNS Survey of 1116 Australians conducted August 2013)


Source: YellowTM Social Media Report, May 2013

Source: YellowTM Social Media Report, May 2013


These results show that teenagers reasons for connecting on Facebook is not all that different from others. Where results do vary is what teenagers discover on Facebook compared to others. 

49% of teenagers heard breaking news stories on Facebook, compared to 36% of non-teens

46% of teenagers first heard about a new movie, album or event on Facebook, compared to 33% of ‘non teens’



Teenagers use Facebook to discover

Source: TNS Survey of 1116 Australians conducted August 2013


How are teenagers interacting with brands on Facebook?

  • 69% of teens ‘Liked’ a Facebook pages for brands
  • 2 out of 3 Australian teens on Facebook have liked brands, products and services that they are interested in.
  • 75% of teens on Facebook agreed with this statement: “I like bands because they represent who I am. I am a brand user and feel strongly about that brand”.


As a marketer these results (as well as more in the below graph), tell me that when introducing new product, services or places, Facebook is still an effective platform to reach/advertise to teens on. 


The bottom line is, Teenagers are still on Facebook

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