How, When, Where & Why Australian’s are accessing Social Media: Sensis Report 2014 – Part 1/3

Sensis have released their 2014 social media report and it is JAM PACKED with so much vital information that we have had to split it up into three different posts for you!

These posts will focus on stats and facts about…

  1. How, when, where & why Australians are using social media
  2. How Australians businesses are using social media
  3. How users are interacting with brands and business on social media

You are now entering part I of III where the focus today will feature a statistical analysis of how, when, where & why Australian’s are accessing social media. Not only interesting to us everyday social media users but also holds key information for businesses to better understand Australian’s social media behaviors.


How Australians are using social media

What social media sites are people using:

Social Networking Sites Used


  • Continues to dominate as the most popular social media site, being used by 95% of social network participantshowever this number remains unchanged from last years results. 
  • The demographic with highest usage rates on Facebook was those aged 50+
  • Facebook users, 93% male, 96% female



  • Is the next most popular platform, being used by 24% of social media users, up from 20% last year.
  • LinkedIn usage highest among those who are employed full-time as well as  higher incomes demographics.
  • LinkedIn users, 28% male, 21% female


Instagram, Snapchat & Tumblr 

  • Usage was strongest among the younger age demographics, with usage dropping significantly for those over 30.
  • Instagram users, 12% male, 30% female
  • Snapchat users, 12% male, 20% female
  • 61% of social media users under 20 use Snapchat



Twitter, Google+  

  • Twitter users, 24% male, 14% female
  • Google+ users, 21% male, 19% female
  • 19%  of Australian social media users are on Google+


The percentage of us using social media sites, by state


What social media sites have people stopped using:

  • Of the people who have dropped a social media site in the past year, 45% stopped using Twitter.
  • 19% of people dropped Facebook
  • 4% dropped LinkedIn
  • 13% stopped using MySpace


Frequency of social media use:

  • In 201446% answered that they use social media once a day, up from 1% in 2013, of that 46% –  40% are male and 53% are female.
  • 27% are accessing social media everyday with 19% up to 5 times a day.
  • Facebook users use the site around 30 times a week, up from 24 times a week in 2013.
  • Twitter use the site 11 times a week, dropping from 13 times a week in 2013.
  • LinkedIn use the site 7 times a week on average, down slightly from 8 times a week in 2013. 
  • Snapchat reported the highest number of users under 20 using the site, on average, 32 times a week. 

 Frequency of using social media - 2014 Trends



Time spent on social media:

  • On average, Facebook users spend around 17 minutes on the site each time they access it, down one minute from last year.
  • If the average time spent is multiplied by the average number of usage occasions, the typical user would spend more than 8.5 hours per week on the site, an additional hour and a half a week more than last year.
  • Only two platformsTumblr and Pinterest, recorded higher visit times than Facebook, with both being highly visual, browsing-based platforms.
  • Shortest visit time was reported for Snapchat.


Average time spent per visit - Trends 2014



Time of day people are accessing social media: 

  • 42% of Australian social networkers look at social media first thing in the morning (particularly females).
  • 48% check before they go to bed, particularly females.
  • Most popular times to access social media was after work, particularly for males.


When we use social media - Trends 2014


Frequency of using social media - Age & Gender 2014



What devices are people using to access social media:

  • Smartphone’s remain the most popular device to access social media on, rising from 67% in 2013 to 71% in 2014.
  • Mobile devices were the most popular in every age category under 65.
  • Tablet usage is along strong which grew from 35% to 39% in 2014.
  • Tablet’s most popular for those aged 50-64. 
  • Computer-based (laptop & desktop) social networking  continues to decline, with laptop down from 64% last year to 55% this yeardesktop falling from 46% in 2013 to 38% in 2014.


Devices and Applications used to access social media 2014



Devices used to access social media by age and gender


 Apps Vs. Websites

Accessing social media platforms on mobile applications was the most popular with 70% of users using the app, compared to only 20% that used the website.

How mobile users access social media_Apps vs Website



Places where people are using social media:

  • 95% of Australian’s are tweeting, Snapchatting and linking in at their home. Often from the lounge room (70%), study (37%) and kitchen (22%).
  • Make love not Tweets – 10% of men are more likely to access social media in the bedroom than female in the past year.
  • 39% of users access sites at work which is up from 34% in 2013. 
  • Increases in the proportion of those that access social media in restaurants, bars, parties (way to be social), at sporting events and in the car.


Locations where social media is used


Reasons for using social media:

Top 3:

1. 95% use social media to catch up with family & friends, 94% male, 96% female. 

2. 64% use social media to share photographs or videos, 55% male, 72% female

3. 47% use social media to get information on news and current events, 33% male, 34% female. 


Reasons for using social networking sites - 2014


 This is only part I of a III part series so be sure to read our other blog post’s on How Australian businesses are using social media and How social media users are interacting with brands and business on social media. 



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