How Australian businesses are using social media: Sensis Report 2014 – Part 2/3

Sensis have released their 2014 social media report and it is JAM PACKED with so much vital information that we have had to split it up into three different posts for you!

These posts will focus on stats and facts about…

  1. How, when, where & why Australians are using social media
  2. How Australians businesses are using social media
  3. How users are interacting with brands and business on social media

You are now entering part II of III where the focus today will feature a statistical analysis of how Australian businesses are using social media. 



How Australian businesses are using social media

Proportion of businesses that have a social media presence:

  • 36% of small businesses, 38% of medium and 77% or large businesses currently report having a social media presence.
  • For those businesses who don’t, 8% of small, 3% of medium and 6% of large report having had one in the past.
  • Most common reasons have dropped their social media included, it took up too much time, did not provide return on investment, felt it was open to tampering and adverse comments and finally there had been a lack of interest in it.
  • For those business who do not currently have it, 19% of Small/Medium and 43% of large are planning on getting one next year.

Proportion of businesses that have social media presence - 2014


Which social media sites are businesses using: 

  • Facebook dominates in all three categories with Twitter & LinkedIn also play important parts.

Which social networks businesses are using


 Why are businesses using social media:

Common reasons for businesses to use social media 2014



Who manages businesses social media:

  • Most social media is still managed internally by businesses of all sizes, with less than one in ten businesses outsourcing their social media.
  • For those businesses that use external firms to manage their social media presence, small businesses are most likely to use a specialist social media agency, while medium and large businesses are most likely to use a communications/PR firm for their social media.
  • In small businesses, the owner or manager is almost invariably responsible for the social media presence, and the dependence on the business owner has increased since last year.
  • In medium and large businesses, this responsibility sits more often with the marketing department. For large businesses the reliance on the marketing department for social media has increased in the past year.

How is your social media managed


How businesses drive traffic to their social media: 

  • Over seven in ten small businesses have some form of strategy to drive people to social media sites – most often a link on their website.
  • Almost nine in ten medium businesses have a strategy.
  • For large businesses 92% have a strategy to drive traffic to their social media site.

Means of driving traffic to social media presence


Advertising on social media sites:

  • The larger the business they more likely they are to pay to advertise on social media sites.
  • Majority advertise on Facebook.
  • The majority of business paying to advertise on social media found advertising effective for their business.

Porportion of businesses that have paid to advertise on a social media channel


What channel and its effectiveness


 Business investment in social media

  • 81% of small businesses involved with social media have made some financial investment in it, increasing strongly from 61% last year. Investment amount is on average $4,560 up from $1,970 in 2013.
  • 95% of medium businesses have financial investment in social media. Most of those who answered investment amount is on average $38,804, up from $11,780 in 2013.
  • 94% of large businesses have investment financially, but at a very high 44% can’t nominate the amount. The average nominated expenditure in social media from those businesses that did know was $33,050, down from $79,710 in 2013. This however reflects the decline in spend in marketing budgets. 

Average social media budgets - Trends 2014


How businesses measure the success of social media investment

  • Just 17% of small businesses and 28% of medium businesses formally measure the return on their social media  investment, compared to 38% of large businesses, with drops in the proportions of small and large businesses measuring ROI in the past year.
  • Those businesses that do measure return on investment are most likely to do this by monitoring the number of responses on social media.

How businesses measure social media ROI


Now this is only part II of a III part series so be sure to read our other blog post’s on How, when, where & why Australian’s are accessing social media and How users are interacting with brands and business on social media. 

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