What’s Trending: Internet Trends Report 2014 – Part 1/4

Key Internet Trends for 2014

Mobile internet usage is growing at an extremely rapid rate, day-to-day practices are being completely transformed, and marketers are spending money in the wrong areas. All of these were findings presented in Mary Meeker’s 2014 annual report which highlights interesting global internet trends.

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing a series of blog posts that take a deeper look into some of the most relevant and interesting findings. This post will focus on user trends, advertising trends and the rise of cyber threats.


User Trends

Internet users

  • Showing less than 10% year-on-year grown and slowing.
  • Underpenetrated markets are showing fastest growth, such as India, Indonesia and Nigeria. However these areas are generally harder to monetise.


 Smartphone subscribers

  • Increased by 20% and showing strong growth.
  • Smartphones account for 30% of the 5.2 billion mobile phone user base (showing a steady upwards incline, although it is slowing slightly) .
  • The fastest growth areas are the underpenetrated markets such as China, India, Brazil and Indonesia .

smartphone subscribers


Mobile Data Traffic

  • Mobile usage as a percentage of web usage is experiencing rapid global growth.
  • Mobile data traffic grew by 81%, with video as the strongest driver.
  • In 2014 25 % of page views come from mobile devices, compared to the 14% in 2013 – mobile usage is continuing to rise steadily.



  • Tablets are growing at a staggering rate: 52% increase – much faster than Notebook PCs and Desktop PCs ever did.
  • Global tablet users are only at 8% of TV’s and 28% of smartphone’s, which indicates that there is still vast room for growth available.

tablet unit growth


The increase in Cyber Threats

The report highlighted the alarming escalation in active threat groups worldwide, with the majority of networks now being exposed to cyber security threats in some way. Even businesses such as banks are releasing apps containing highly important and private data, which cyber threat groups try to hack and gain access to. An example of this trend was the recent Heatbleed Bug.

This follows the trend of growing mobile devices, and subsequently Apps, around the globe. As these are created, new cyber threats appear trying to penetrate their security systems. This is a natural development; direct cyber threats and attacks will rise in response to the growing number of available mobile platforms.


Advertising Trends:

Mobile and Internet Ad Spend Growth

  • Internet advertising has retained steady growth rates, remaining above 15% year-on-year.
  • While print, radio and television are all showing signs of slowing ad exposure and increases in cost, both mobile and internet ad spending are showing signs of increasing. This presents marketers with an opportunity to take advantage of this $30 billion gap between exposure time and cost.

mobile opportunity

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Mobile App Revenue still more profitable than Mobile Ad Revenue

  • Mobile apps are still generating more revenue for companies worldwide than mobile advertising
  • Global mobile apps generated 68% of mobile monetisation in 2013.

mobile app2

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NB: Although many of the findings outlined in Meeker’s report may have a stronger USA focus, it is still important to take note, as many internet trends found in the USA are subsequently followed in Australia. 



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