4 ways to get noticed on Instagram

4 ways to get noticed on Instagram

Earlier this year we wrote about the 4 benefits of using Instagram for businesses and last September we also wrote 10 tips for businesses on Instagram, so if they have failed to convince you here’s another.

In this post we share 4 tips ways you can help your stand out and get noticed on Instagram.


Why should you be using Instagram?

Instagram has over 75 million daily users and in April 2014 a reported 1,600,000 active Australian users. A study by Forrester found that Instagram is the king of social engagement over Facebook & Twitter, with Instagram posts having 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 time more engagement per follower than Twitter.


4 tips to help get noticed:

1. Keep your online personality consistent

This is a no brainer but I am going to say it anyway. Keep your online persona consist among your digital assets –  same logos, same tones and same overall message. As Instagram is a visual platform, your tone overall message is executed in your pictures. You want/need to be the same wherever your followers find you.


2.  User-Generated Content/ Giving your followers the spotlight

All over Instagram there are millions of inspirational quotes with a back drop of a dreamy image and also a beautiful regrammed travel photograph of landscapes, and whilst its visually stimulating and generates a few likes its not really making the most of the network. Across all networks you’re communicating with your followers, but that doesn’t just mean customer service or just reminding them your exist. A great way to get your followers excited about following your Instagram is to use them as part of your content.

People love to be acknowledged and the more your brand interacts and gives time its followers, the more they will do the same for you. Also, your content will be more unique rather then another photo of a sunset with an inspirational quote *YAWN*. Let everyday people become your brand ambassadors. GoPro are a great example of a brand who is doing this really well.

GoPro Instagram


3. Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to expand your reach, promote your products and track mentions, however too many abuse the hashtag. Although it can help you in getting that extra like or too, how genuine is this person? Is it more important to get the numbers up or to get noticed by the people who will be loyal long term?

Do your research and use the hashtags that are performing best, Webstagram offers up-to-date lists. Also, #don’t #use hashtags in #a #sentence, everyone hates that and you look desperate.

Our advice is 3-4 (max) hashtags to each post as using too much copy with too many hashtags makes the post look busy, therefore people do not usually read them. Instead think of it this way when hash tagging:

  1. One that relates to the image/ description e.g. #beach #sunset
  2. One for your business slogan #itsafrankworld (when applicable)
  3. One for the location or subject e.g. #travel #melbourne

Hashtag Abuse 


4. Combine your social networks

 Tell your current Facebook, Twitter or Google+ audience that you’re on Instagram. Cross-promote your accounts. For example, your brand posts a photo from a recent photo shoot for your new clothing collection, you can then link your audience from Instagram to say your YouTube channel where you have a full video of a behind the scenes of the fashion shoot.


Have you got any tips to share?

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