3 Things Worth Noting in Social Media This Week: Vine’s New Look, New Facebook Video Metrics, and Twitter’s Mute Feature

This week in the ever changing world of Social Media…


  • Vine Reveals New Look

vine video metric

Before now Vine was predominantly utilized on mobile phones. However this restricted access is all about to change! Drum roll please…Vine has released a new site to allow users access to Vine on their computers. Users can now search and view videos from the convenience of their computers as well as their phones. This new release also comes with the introduction of several new features. One such feature is the new Explore page, which displays suggested categories on the left panel of your screen to assist users when searching – such as animals, food and comedy. Another is the ability to search for and watch Vines without logging in. However by logging in, Vine will suggest looping videos to users based on their interests and past searches. Vine have also introduced a new search bar to assist users trying to find specific tags, locations or people.


  • Facebook Rolls Out New Video Metrics


Facebook’s new video metrics will help marketers and companies gain a more comprehensive understanding of how audiences are responding to their videos on Facebook. This update comes as a response to the recent increase in video posts and can be found in Page Insights and Ads Reporting. Marketers will be able to monitor the success of their video marketing as they gain access to information revealing who is watching their videos and for how long. Currently page admins have restricted access to information relating to video posts. However the new video metrics will extend access to allow page admins to views the average duration of viewed video, and the number of times people view over 95 percent of a video.


  • Twitter Announces Mute Feature


Twitter is giving users more control over content on their Twitter newsfeed. Users can now choose to block certain profiles and user’s content from their newsfeed. When you choose to mute a user all of their Tweets and Retweets will be removed from your home timeline and all push notifications will cease. The best part: the muted user will not be notified or have any knowledge that they’ve been muted. You can choose to tailor your Twitter content without any repercussions! This new feature has only been released to iPhone and Android users, but Twitter plans to release it to a wider audience in the following weeks. For further information and updates click here.


And the new thing we’ve been playing with this week is…Contextly


Contextly is the app that inspired Ryan Singel to leave his position as editor of Wired’s Threat Level and create his own startup company. This tool is designed for Publishers and Bloggers that aims to expand websites’ audiences and readership by providing related links and recommendations. Contextly offers authors two types of recommendations. The first is a section called “Related” stories, which provides recommendations to other articles and blogs personally selected by the author. The second is titled “You Might Like”, which uses algorithms to select recommendations relating to similar content. This will save authors considerable time and effort when posting their articles and blogs, as it eliminates the process of searching, cutting-and-pasting, and linking to other articles. Contextly will do all this and more!

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