3 Things Worth Noting in Social Media This Week: Pinterest Guided Search, Facebook Audience Network and Facebook Business Manager

This week in the ever changing world of Social Media…

Three interesting social media updates that caught our eye this week:

  • Facebook Introduces Audience Network

audience network

Image courtesy of Facebook

This week Facebook have released several exciting updates. One feature in particular that is worth exploring is the introduction of Audience Network. It offers advertisers a new way to expand their marketing and advertising campaigns beyond Facebook and into additional mobile apps. Audience Network uses the same images that have been included in the original ads on Facebook, so no new creative is required. The same audience targeting used on Facebook is also offered through Audience Network, including Custom Audiences, lookalike and core audiences. Therefore marketers who already have live News Feed ads running on Facebook can take advantage of this new update with just one click. Three creative formats – banner, interstitial and native – have been designed to assist marketers in generating app installs and engagement, thus helping them meet their business objectives.


  • Pinterest Announces Guided Search

Have you ever wished that finding the perfect Pin or Board on Pinterest was easier and faster? The latest update on Pinterest is designed to make the process of finding the perfect Pin or Board much faster and easier. Pinterest users can now search for content with refined searches, and be far more specific than ever before. When searching through Pinners’ ideas, new descriptive guides will assist and prompt users along the way to help refine their search. This helps to reduce search time as users can be more precise. Currently this new feature has been released in English only on mobiles, however there plans to extend this to the web and other languages in the near future. The above video provides a brief tutorial on Guided Search.


  • Facebook Expands Availability of Business Manager

business manager

Image courtesy of Facebook

This week Facebook officially launched the innovative Business Manager, allowing marketers and businesses to manage multiple campaigns using just one tool. This simplification of marketing efforts enables agencies and clients to securely share campaign materials, and roles across multiple campaigns to be assigned to different people. This will help to reduce the time businesses take to set up campaign pages, and companies can give specific people access to their Facebook pages, apps and ad accounts without needing to share login details. Furthermore marketers can now create and remove ad accounts, and revoke permission of people using the accounts. It also promises to increase the separation between private and company Facebook accounts. This will increase privacy, whilst also giving marketers and agencies more control over their accounts and campaigns.


And the new thing we’ve been playing with this week is… PastBook


Have you ever run into problems whilst trying to share your photos? When you can’t fit more than four per email? Or the program freezes while uploading the images? If that answer is yes, then PastBook could be the answer. It allows users to create photo albums using their phone, and to then share them instantly with friends and family. Once friends have been granted access to your PastBook, they can upload their own photos to add to your albums as well. Sharing photos has never been easier! PastBook is now available as a web version, and can also be downloaded from the AppStore.

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