Google+: Why your business should be there

Google+: Why your business should be there

With marketers and brands up in arms as of late over Facebook’s ‘paying for ads to get your content to fans’ debacle, some are starting to take a step back and (finally) look at what else is out there when it comes to being a social business. And where many should, and are, looking is Google Plus.

Google Plus

Yes, it’s been around for a few years now. No, it’s not the ‘new’ Facebook, at least not yet. But, does social business need a new Facebook, or just a different social platform? Is Google Plus it? Maybe, but one thing’s for sure – it’s definitely a good space to explore for your brand if you’re not there already.

Here, we’ll take a look at a how best to use Google Plus for marketing…

Let’s start with some Google+ Numbers:

300 million active users – that figure stretches to reportedly 500 million if you include everyone who has a Gmail or YouTube account, as Google+ comes with this sign-up.
39% growth per year – it may appear to be the underdog at the moment, but it’s growing well.
48% Fortune Global 100 companies – that are currently on Google+.
1,203 million – number of monthly visits, which is also the highest number of monthly visits of any social platform.

Search ranking and SEO:

Yes, it’s Google, so being on a Google run social platform is definitely going to benefit your SEO and search ranking. So your Google+ profiles, posts and links will all be incorporated into future rankings for your business.

Sign up for more visibility:

Choose your account name aptly and wisely as Google sends invites to people for vanity URLs based on account names. And make a good impression with your ‘hovercard’ as this is what will display on almost all areas related to you on Google+ .

Get circling:

Google+ allows you to categorise your followers in circles – put people in the right circles to categorise the type of content you will find in your Plus stream. And this helps with easily finding people on Google+ too. You can also find fellow and relevant influencers though topic searches, shared circles, and check out some of the specific communities there too.

Got it, I’m ready to become a Google+ superstar…
Great, now just follow these tips:

Share, share, share:

You know all that great content on your website? Now is the time to get it out there. Mix it up with images, blogs, and videos, both fun and informative. And share a couple of times a day if you have the content to utilise.

Have a Hangout:

Hangouts on Air

Hangouts on Air are being embraced by all industries to create some fun and engaging video content, and they are easy to set up too. Do a one off or start a regular series of hangouts, and get your community engaged directly.

Reach for some influencers:

You can ‘Plus mention’ influencers/ other users in a post, or even just get commenting on their posts and starting a conversation. Doing this on a regular basis will build up a relationship.

Communicate with communities:

There are lots of different Google Plus communities where users choose to be because of a specific interest. Find the ones suitable to your brand and get engaging. Answer questions posted, start some conversations, or even create your own community and become an authoritative voice on your industry.

And even though it’s been said numerous times so far in this article, engage! Keep commenting, mentioning and adding followers to build your page, brand and authority!

Are you on Google+ yet? What are you doing for your business there?

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