3 Things Worth Noting in Social Media This Week: Google Analytics Reporting, Facebook Nearby and FB Newswire

This week in the ever changing world of Social Media…

This week we recommend that you explore these fresh and interesting social media updates:

  • Google Analytics adds the ability to see all data in a single reporting view

google analytics

Image courtesy of Google

This week Google Analytics revealed their latest update, enabling businesses to view all web and app data in one single reporting view. Today users have a variety of different platforms where they can interact with your business, such as websites, mobile apps, and web apps. This update will help to condense this information and display it in one single view, regardless of the collection method. If, however, you wish to separate data from a specific source, Google Analytics allows you to create a filter to customize what you see.

  • Facebook rolls out Nearby Friends feature


Image courtesy of Newsroom.fb

Facebook has also released their Nearby Friends feature. It notifies users when their friends are in the area, helping to connect friends without the hassle of organising a location to meet. To utilise this, both you and your friend will have to enable this feature. Once you and your friends have enabled this feature, you can see who is nearby, choose to send a specific location, or show where you are heading in the next hour. Users can also customise this new feature to choose who is able to view you, be it a specific friends list, or only close friends. Furthermore users have the choice to turn this feature on or off whenever they please.

  • Facebook announces FB Newswire

fb newswire 2

Never one to shy away from change, this week Facebook has revealed several updates. One that caught our attention is the new FB Newswire. This feature will make it easier for journalists to discover newsworthy information from content that has been shared publicly by users and organisations on Facebook. They can then share it using FB Newswire.

And the new thing we’ve been playing with this week is… Acompli


Image courtesy of Acompli

The new app ‘Acompli’ is the answer to all email frustrations! It aims to solve all existing issues we have when using smartphones – in particular it eradicates app switching. To combat this, Acompli comes with a calendar built into the app so you never have to leave your email. It also stores all emails with attachments in a separate area to avoid locating individual emails and attachments amongst your entire inbox. Similarly, there is now a contact section to allow easy access to separate email threads. Genius! Here is a brief video tutorial displaying Acompli’s features, and how to use it:

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