3 tips for better YouTube Marketing

3 tips for better YouTube Marketing

Have you ever wanted to learn the secret to creating successful YouTube marketing videos? We have! There are many features available on YouTube to increase watch time and attract more subscribers, however finding the available updates and how to employ they can be tricky. To help, we have compiled a list of our top 3 tips for better YouTube Marketing:

1. YouTube Audio Library

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Have you ever watched a video online and noticed yourself nodding in time to the music? All the time? Well then it’s no surprise that one of the most important tips for improving YouTube marketing is to choose the right music to accompany a video. It is imperative to increase the impact of each video and evoke the right emotional response in an audience, and there is no better way than by selecting the correct background music.

The right background music can help to increase watch time. It can be the difference between someone connecting emotionally with a video, or switching off! However selecting the ideal track can be rather daunting, time consuming, and eventually costly! To assist you in making this difficult choice, YouTube has created an Audio Library with over 150 royalty-free instrumental backing tracks for you to use at your disposal. The list of music can be filtered by genre, mood, duration or instrument.

To access this YouTube Audio Library, click on the Creation Tools menu, which can be found under the Video Manager section. Continue filtering until you have chosen the perfect backing track, and then start downloading. Also if you can’t quite decide which track to choose, or you find one that you think would suit another video perfectly, you can always save the track as a favourite for easy future access.

2. YouTube Fan Finder


Ever dreamt of growing your YouTube fan base at no cost to you? Well that’s exactly what YouTube’s Fan Finder is designed to do! It specifically targets people that are most likely to enjoy your web content, and then connects them to your channel. This will not only help to drive traffic towards your website, but also target people who are more likely to become regular viewers and subscribe to your website or channel.

Fan Finder is also remarkably easy use! Once you have created a “channel ad” you must upload it as a regular video, and then submit it for review via the Fan Finder page. This can be done in the Channel Settings menu in the Video Manager section of your YouTube account. Click the “Submit your channel ad” button, and then choose one of your videos. You can upload up to five channel ads.

To assist in creating successful channel ads, YouTube has provided a few tips and example videos on the Fan Finder page.

Firstly, keep your channel ad short, concise and engaging – after all, the viewer will be able to skip over your ad after only 5 seconds, so it must get to the point ASAP! YouTube also suggests creating a strong message that ensures viewers know to check out your channel and subscribe. To optimise the effectiveness of your channel ad make sure to include your call to action in the script and annotation, and ensure that your branding is repeated and clear throughout your ad. Finally, YouTube recommends your channel ad is visually representing your brand and vibe of your channel – if your channel is comical, make sure to create a funny ad!

3. YouTube Live Events

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If you are looking to develop or improve you channel’s online streaming, then YouTube Live Events is the latest, most advanced way to display live streaming on YouTube. Although Google+ Hangouts on Air has been available for some time, YouTube has recently released a separate service available to all users who hold verified accounts with no strikes against their name.

What makes these two services different? Simply put, YouTube Live Events has more to offer. The new features that are available help to produce cleaner and more professional broadcasts. Multiple cameras can be set up, and live closed captions can also be added to your broadcasts. Live Events offers users the freedom to choose your own encoder, including YouTube’s free version of Wirecast, which includes picture-in-picture and simple transitions. In addition, you can view real-time data throughout your broadcast.

To use YouTube Live Events, you must first enable live events in the Account Features page. Afterwards the “Live Events” option will become available in the Video Manager section, and you can follow the simple set of instructions to successfully build your very own live broadcast!
Creating and improving your YouTube Live Events live broadcasts will make your channel more desirable, thus increasing traffic towards your channel and attracting more viewers and subscribers.

As a customer, is there anything you would like to see available or updated on YouTube?

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