5 ways brands are doing social well

 5 ways big brands do social well

There is no big secret as to how certain brands have high engagement and fans on their social pages, its achievable whether your business is small or large.

Here are 5 simple steps your can implement today in order to build engagement on your own page!


1. Customer service

Customer service is essential on all of your companies’ social networking platforms. They should all provide a place for your customers to post comments (good & bad), ask questions, opinions and most importantly, get a response and fast! This will not only help you boost engagement but show that your brand cares about its customer’s questions and opinions.

For more information read, The important of online customer service and the consequences when done wrong‘ and ‘The new age social customer Part 1 & Part 2


2. Post interesting content 

This includes:
  • Video:

Your video does not need to be state of the art, Steven Spielberg masterpiece but rather a creative way to break up your content and present your brand and plug your product in a different way. For example, take a look at Lexus who created a stop motion video all from Instagram. #LexusInstafilm – Featuring the 2014 Lexus IS


  • Current events or tending topics:

Coca-Cola Australia is a great example of a company whose Facebook content is always incorporating current events, with the sublet slide in of brand messaging too.  For example, 2014 Fifa World Cup (see photo), Gay Pride, The Ashes & The Olympics (to name a few). These don’t all need to be competition related but serves as inspiration for your content and encourages interactions, particularly if your fans are passionate about the events or topics.

Coca-Cola Australia


  • Celebrations (Holidays/ Seasons:

Be joyful & triumphant! Christos Anesti,  Hanukkah, Diwali, Chinese New Year, St Patrick’s Day & Christmas! Find quirky holidays or seasons to play with and use them to change up your page and content.


  • Humor:

I love when brands mix up their content with something that makes me laugh, is quirky, puns or shows me a peak behind scenes look at those behind the brand whether that be to or audience or even competitors. You don’t have to be so serious, talking about your brand and product all the time and keep it only  relevant to you – show your funny side, show your personality. You laugh too, you have fun, show us what that is! I guarantee you by entertaining with laughter, I wont ‘unlike you’, I will engage your post and consider you highly in my purchasing decision.

AMC Tweets

3. Be consistent

Be active and be sure to keep fans returning and reminded of you by posting 3-4 times a week (minimum). Any silence and tumbleweeds will form and the vultures will circle.


4. Include your fans

Your fans are your best asset, so use them to grow. Ask your fans what they want from you and how you can give it.  Use their needs, experience with your brand/services/products to help you grow and develop new product. For example, Skype uses Facebook to ask their customers what features or new developments they would like to see on their service.  The company even goes as far as to tell the users whether their ideas s are “under consideration” by the company. I can’t think of a better way to show your fans your really value their opinion.


5. Follow the 10-4-1 rule 

An easy way to avoid talking about yourself all the time (which a lot of us love to do) is to follow the 10-4-1 rule. For every 15 social media posts, 1 should be a link to one of your landing pages, 4 should be links to your blog posts and 10 should be helpful content from other sources. Follow this rule and you’ll get a good mix engaging content & promotions but without the door-to-door salesmen approach.

Social posting, as easy as 10-4-1!


Can you suggest any other ways to encourage engagement on social pages?

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