Print marketing is not dead but instead is growing alongside digital marketing!

Print marketing is not dead but instead is growing alongside digital marketing!

Print is not dead, far from it actually, with its pulse still firmly beating. In fact, many marketing experts believe 2014 and beyond has never been a better opportunity for brands to be in the printed channel. Print media has many opportunities and is still an effective tool for delivering your message to your audience and can work hand in hand with online marketing. Don’t believe me? Then you’re an idiot…just kidding, but you should definitely read on…

Founder of Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi wrote, “the evolution of the internet doesn’t kill off these channels… it makes us look at them differently because they are used differently by consumers.”

The best thing about print media is it can work with your digital marketing strategy. Over half of respondents to a Nielsen survey said they used a social media advertising campaign in conjunction with print media (think QR codes, NFC, CTA to a Facebook comp). Of course, content marketing strategy comes first, followed by channel strategy but as brand marketers, it is our responsibility to look at all available channels to tell our stories to make a connection with customers (Pulizzi 2014).

Back in my day...


What are the benefits of print marketing over digital? 

Customer Retention: 

One of the biggest problems with marketers today is brands are so infatuated with being on top of the pyramid/ mountain of achievement of most clicks, conversions, likes and social shares, that our marketing strategies and goals only focus on this which we believe is only achieved digitally. We are failing to nurture our customers after the purchase decision was made.  According to Pulizzi, historically, the reason why custom print magazines and newsletters were developed by brands was for customer retention purposes.



To many, printed work, articles and brands are still perceived as being more credible than digital media. Many journalists find it harder to get people to agree to an interview for an online story, however if its published they are more likely to do it. This makes sense, as everyone online can be a writer but it doesn’t make them good and it doesn’t make them stand out as they are competing with millions of articles talking about the same thing. Think of this in terms of a brand on social media, anyone can join social media and promote their brand. You need to more than just social to stand out and be taken seriously.

Old & New Media

Fewer Crowds:

Our inbox is filling up (mostly with spam), our news feed is constantly refreshing (again, mostly with spam) and online advertising is cluttered (with what? You guessed it, spam!).  However my mail box is awful lonely and empty awaiting your message. Go where your competitors are not. With more and more brands relying solely on the digital space for all their marketing needs, the less demand of print can be used to your advantage and YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL SO LOUD TO BE HEARD!

Think about when we check our mail box, we set aside the time to go outside and have a look and will sift through each piece of mail calculating whether it’s worth our time to read it. This is a few more seconds of time most online marketing will get. An International Communications Research survey found that 73% of consumers actually prefer mail over other advertising methods. And according to Research by Mail Print, 85% of consumers sort and read their snail mail on a daily basis, and 40% try new businesses after receiving direct mail (Source)

By the way, when I am online I have 100 different things going on around me and my attention is not solely on you, however when I sit down to read the paper or a magazine, all my attention is there.


Life Expectancy: 

My gmail automatically tells me whether what you’re sending me is junk, my social media accounts are being updated every few seconds and I don’t even glance or notice online ads that interfere with my browsing! But I keep magazines because I may like the clothes in there, recipes or certain articles. It’s going to sit on my coffee table for a few months before I throw it out and each time I open it, I will see your brand name, I will see your ad and I will be reminded of your product. Are you getting my point?


We may perceive traditional print media as dying with a ghost town of readers, but really it’s because many marketers overlook it as a platform with so much of the focus being on digital.

The most successful way to market your business is to utilise as many channels as possible to reach every corner of your target demographic, which includes print. The hero and main platform can be digital, but print is a great way to lead an audience there. Finding the right balance between various media will ensure a steady revenue flow, an increase in sales and new customers.

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